I Cried Today

By: Brian Keel
I cried today.
The tears streamed down my face as I bowed my head to pray.
I wanted so badly to scream to the Lord, but my words could never get across what I earnestly wanted to say.
So, I never uttered a word. I never tried to speak.
I just sat there holding my head and continued to weep.
My eyes were swollen from wiping away the tears I had been crying.
Why can’t people see that it’s not only in their hearts, but their souls are eternally dying?
We have chosen to hate one another because our own sin.
The battle is raging on and this is a fight we cannot easily win
Rivers are flowing from my eyes as I sit and pray for my sisters and my brothers
Jesus Christ died for them not caring about their color.
He loved us so much that He willingly gave up His life
That man should come to God and not have his soul eternally die.
The LORD said He would neither leave us, nor forsake us.
There has never been before or after, an offer so advantageous.
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and your soul will be saved.
His love is bountiful, full of nothing but mercy and grace.
My tears have turned from bitter sorrow to those of exceeding joy
As I realized that one day in heaven, when I see Jesus, my heart will rejoice.
I cried today.


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About Brian:
“I was born in southern Alabama, so sweet tea and college football run through my veins. I am an Auburn fan through and through. I grew up just outside of Toledo, Ohio, but I am in no way, shape, or form a Buckeyes fan. Appearances show that I’m gruff and a bit intimidating, but I’m one of the biggest teddy bears when I need to be. At times I may seem pretty rough around the edges, but I am straight and to the point. What you see is what you get. I’m an Air Force vet of fourteen and a half years. I’ve lived in Mississippi, Nebraska, Georgia, Ohio, and now Michigan. I’ve been deployed twice. I have a wonderful wife and three great kiddos. The Lord has blessed me more than I have ever or will ever deserve. I put in the effort to apply what I learn Biblically to my everyday life, but like everyone, I fall short of where I should be. I pray that the words God gives me to share with you are able to encourage you, push you, and challenge you to strengthen your walk with Him.”
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  1. Ron Woody says:

    Thank you, Brian. We all need to shed tears occasionally over our concern for all those around us who don’t know Christ – or what their future holds. Thank you for sharing these wonderfully crafted words from your soul.

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