If God ‘gave’ you peace, would you accept it?

Written by:  Shara Gunther
Living in this world, we can be guaranteed some sort of pain or stress in life. For some of us, it seems like we live life skating from one pain to the next, effortlessly.
From an early age, ‘loss and struggle’ became the definition of what life meant to me. My emotional restlessness showed up as over-cleaning and over-organizing. I even started a cleaning company to monetize it. But, no matter how many new buildings I took on or how well I trained the team to keep each property, I still felt a deep sense of filth.
Our external world reflects our internal selves.  The Bible tells us we are not able to experience ‘true peace’ until we fully fix all thoughts and worries on Him. This is shown in Philippians 4:7-8.
‘Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand…’ (NLT)
As we pray for many things during this life of trials, peace has always been at the top of my list, and many times there have been small moments of peace granted, but never this current unwavering sense of peace I have now.
I tried so hard, for so long, to fix everything on my own because ‘alone’ was all I knew. If I studied long enough, if I worked hard enough, then my efforts alone would be rewarded. Yet, I would make it to a certain point and still feel like I was missing something. I still felt restless. Making the conscious decision to hand things over to God was the first step.
I finally reached a point and fully let go of the control and truly trusted that He just may have a better plan. It was like I reached a point where I said to myself, “Well, my way hasn’t worked yet. Sure God, I’ll finally try it Your way. You take it from here.” I was hurting and broken, and all I could do was pray.  He took the broken mess I was in and slowly placed people in my life that guided my path right where He wanted me to be.
You are right where you need to be. Give it to God. It was His from the beginning, He is just waiting for you to ask Him.  You can’t keep doing what you are doing and have peace just magically descend upon you. Choose to let go, and peace will find you.


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About Shara:
Trials and blessings go hand in hand. We cannot feel blessed if we do not know what it means to hurt or need. As a mother and business owner, I am passionate about life, driven to service and value wisdom. Returning to Christ in 2014 has brought a changed perspective from self-service to service of others and so much more peace in the process. My hope is to inspire others through my life stories and offer encouragement through a changed perspective. God Bless.
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