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Cardio Drumming & Weights at Oakwood
MISSION: Get FIT, have FUN – worship GOD!
MissionFit Challenges
WHY WOULD I DONATE $5.00/each to join these challenges? The result OF BEING INTENTIONAL ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS IS PRICELESS!!!  THE CLASSES AT MissionFit ARE DESIGNED TO INCREASE BOTH YOUR STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE WHEN YOU ATTEND REGULARLY!!!  Let’s get intentional in working on our health… and praising God while we do it!
CLOSED> ”Mission: Get to Class” Attendance Challenge
3/1/2021-4/29/2021 we will have a “Get to Class” attendance challenge.
There are a total of 18 classes that will run 3/1-4/29. Each time you attend class, you will get a “ticket” to put into the drawing bucket. The more classes you attend, the better your chance for a prize! On 4/29/2021 we will draw various tickets to give away prizes!!! Who doesn’t like a fun prize???!!!!
Note:  All are welcome to join this challenge at any time from 3/1 – 4/29.
CLOSED> “Mission: Fitness” Challenge
We will run a fitness challenge for 3/1-4/29.
Here is how it will work: Arrive by 6:00pm on Monday 3/1/2021. You will pick 5 exercises. We will do each exercise for 30 seconds and record on a sheet. On Thursday, 4/29/21 you will do the same exercises and compare. If you have improved your amount on all 5 exercises, you will receive a prize!
Note:  This challenge requires a 2 month improvement window, thus was closed to new participants shortly after start while challenge participants are improving their fitness from 3/1 – 4/29.
May Challenge to be announced soon!
Any questions?  Contact Margie @ mknechtel@nceusa.com
*** Donations will be used to cover building rental costs for mid-week gym usage by MissionFit.
300 Old Creek Drive
Saline, MI 48176