Youth ministry really exists to REACH non-believing students, to CONNECT them with a caring adult, to help them GROW in their faith, to challenge them to SERVE in a place that fits their shape and to HONOR God with their lives.


The truth of the matter is that there are still a whole lot of youth in our community who don’t go to church anywhere. What’s our strategy for reaching high school students with the good news of Jesus? YOU! That’s right! We want to partner with you by providing some cool church experiences (like our Wednesday service), but ultimately it is up to you to invite a friend to come along.



Friends are so important, but we’re called to something more than that. Imagine having friendships on a much deeper level than what you’re probably used to…Friends who know the real you and still invite you to things. Friends who care about your walk with God. Friends who encourage you, rather than judge you. These are Jesus-centered friendships and at The Gathering, we make tons of opportunities with ministries, life groups, and events to build these deep, meaningful friendships.


A relationship with Jesus Christ should never be boring, stagnant or stale. Instead, it should be vibrant, exciting and growing! The Gathering wants to help you grow in your faith and in your understanding and commitment to Jesus. We’ve got all sorts of things going on that can help you grow…including a bunch of tools and resources that can help you develop some of the habits of spiritual growth. Interested in growing closer to Christ? We’re here to help!



Take a look around. You don’t have to look very hard to notice that we live in a world that is broken and in need of people who can to make a difference. The Gathering has TONS of opportunities for you to get involved. There’s too many to list here, so head over to our “Serve” page and see what we have to offer. And…if you want to serve but can’t find a ministry that looks interesting, invent one of your own, and we’ll help you get it launched!


One of our goals is to help you live a life that honors God. Honoring God through our choices, our attitudes, our lifestyle and the way we live day-to-day is the ultimate act of worship. Our Wednesday service, our small groups…in fact almost everything our ministry does is designed to help you live a life that brings honor to God.