Oakwood Church Ministry

Cardio Drumming & Weights at Oakwood
MISSION: Get FIT, have FUN – worship GOD!
Q:  Will I need to fill out a liability form?
A:  Yes.  Upon your first visit, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver (we’ll have copies available).  Please arrive early to complete this, or you may print and complete it prior here and bring it with you upon attending your first class to save time once there.  If you have a minor (under 18) attending with you, please contact us for the parental consent form.
Q:  What do I need to know for my first night of class?
A:  There is no need to “sign up”, but please come early!  Approx 15 mins early for your first class is ideal so you can get acclimated, ask questions and complete paperwork.  Alternately, print out (and complete) a liability form ahead of time at the MissionFit main page and bring with you night one.
Q:  Is there a cost?
A:  We only ask you give a donation each time you come.  We ask for at least $2 or more per class, however, this could be as little as $1 depending on your financial situation.  All donations will assist with funding Oakwood’s current gym rental agreement for weekday activities – which includes MissionFit!
Q:  Who can attend?
A:  Anyone who wants to Get FIT, Have FUN – Worship GOD!  This includes gals and guys!
Q:  What should I bring?
A:  Bring your ball, bucket & sticks — and weights (and optional kettlebell) if you plan to use them.  We also have some weights and kettlebells available to borrow each class. If you need to borrow a kit for your first few workouts, be sure to sign one out here.  Also, don’t forget your water bottle(s)!!  (There’s not a great place to fill up your bottle onsite, so it’s best to be prepared and bring water from home).
Q:  How long is the class?
A:  Normally the class runs 50-55 minutes.  As mentioned above – bring your water bottle(s)!
Q:  The ball and bucket is a bit awkward carrying into the building from my vehicle every day of class.  Any solutions?
A:  Yes! Many purchase a 48″ bungee cord to wrap around the ball from each handle of the bucket.  This secures the ball to the bucket and allows you to carry both by the bungee cord making your ball & bucket much easier to carry.  We will have some available the first few weeks of class for a reasonable set donation (which will go to Oakwood Church).
Q:  What kind of music do you use for the workout?
A:  We use current Christian music, such as Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp, Jordan Feliz, Third Day, for KING & COUNTRY, Lauren Daigle, etc.
Q:  Can I bring friends?
A:  Yes!  We would love for you to bring friends!  This ministry is meant to reach out to the community and shine the light of Jesus!  We want to have fun while improving our “temple” for Jesus.  We definitely want to share that with others and ultimately our TRUE mission at MissionFit is to lead others in our community to the Lord!
Q: Can I just try it out?  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue.
A:  Yes; however, there are a limited amount of extra balls/buckets/drumsticks on hand.  Please be sure to fill out the loaner kit sign out sheet or contact Dena or Margie to reserve a spare “kit” as early as possible prior to the class you’d like to attend.  Note: Once you’ve decided you’re going to continue (or borrowed a kit 4 times), we’ll ask you to buy your own kit (ball/bucket/drumsticks) so we can use the spare kits for newcomers who’d like to try it out – just like you did. 🙂 
Q: What steps are being taken for Covid safety/precautions?
A:  Many!  We encourage everyone to bring their mask, and we’ll have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes on hand, as well as masks for anyone who chooses to wear a mask and has forgotten theirs for the evening.  We also have silicone wristbands in the colors red, yellow and green.  Red = Distancing more than 6′ (respect distance), Yellow = Distancing at least 6′, Green = Not Social Distancing.  We encourage you to grab a wristband on your first night to keep with you in your bucket, however, if you don’t plan on returning, we’ll ask you to return it so we can sanitize it for someone else to use.
Q:  I’m very active.  Will I still get a workout?
A:  Yes!  This workout can be as strenuous as you’d like to make it.  This workout is great for high-impact, low-impact (we will demonstrate both), and everyone in between. 
Q:  I’m not very active.  Can I still attend?
A:  Of course!  We have experienced people sitting in a chair doing this workout.  You can make it as low-impact as you’d like, including sitting in a chair in front of your bucket/ball if you choose.  During the weights portion, you may even use your drumsticks or nothing at all.
Q:  Where can I get a kit (ball/ bucket/ weights/ drumsticks)?
A:  (Click the green links for exactly what you’ll need).  Many find the ball and weights at “5 Below”, Target or Walmart.  Your 17 gallon bucket can be found at Target, Walmart or many home improvement stores.  All kinds of drumsticks can be found on Amazon, and you can also find them in the music section at Target or Walmart.  If you need further assistance acquiring things, contact Dena or Margie.
Q:  What size yoga ball do I need?
A:  Most anyone can use a 65cm ball, however, brand size varies in what is considered a 55cm, 65cm and 75mm ball.  As a rule of thumb, however, anyone 5′ and under can use a 55cm ball, and anyone over 5′ 9″ should move up to a 75cm ball.  Keep your box and receipt if you are unsure if your ball is the right size and contact us once you’re at class if you’d like our suggestion on the size of your ball.
Q:  Do I need both hand weights and a kettlebell?
A:  No.  You may do any of the weights portion of the class without weights.  If you’d like to use weights, all of the weights portion can be done with hand weights, while only certain ones should be done with a kettlebell, therefore, the kettlebell is optional.
Q. Is child care available?
A:  At this time, only on Thursdays and by reservation only – but yes, we have child care available onsite for a reasonable fee and for a limited number of kiddo’s.  If you bring a child that needs child care, they MUST have a reservation set-up prior to class by calling Margie at 734-358-5718 (if no reservation, child care may not be available).  Any other children should be of age where they can participate in the class in some fashion (we do have a couple of small buckets and balls for the kiddos).  You’ll be asked to sign a parental consent form for any child under 18 who participates in the MissionFit class.
Q:  Can I get some MissionFit Merchandise?!
A:  Yes you can!!*  After we created our MissionFit name, a generous donation was made by a church member to cover all costs for some customized t-shirts, v-neck shirts, stickers and towels for our MissionFit crew (that’s you)!  Place stickers on your bucket or water bottle… use the towels for your workout!!  We’re going to be offering those to you for a reasonable set donation.  All donations collected will go to Oakwood Church to assist with funding the rental agreement with AOG for MissionFit gym usage.  (Cash will be accepted for the MissionFit merch and donations should be put in the purple donation can!).  *Limited quantities available, so get them while you can!
Any other questions?  Contact dena@oakwoodchurch.org.
300 Old Creek Drive
Saline, MI 48176