Bad Blood

By: Debbra Chapman
Most mornings I would find my toddler’s face in pool of dried blood on his pillow. Clueless to what had happened through the night as there was no apparent accident. The blood would typically come from his nose and would be dry by morning. He was only 3 and slept in his toddler bed never really alerting us that there was ever an issue and if there was he would sleep right through it. Some


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Take up your Cross, Die to Self and Follow Jesus

Written by:  Amy Lynn
To die to self is to set aside what we want, and focus instead on loving God, doing His will, and valuing others as highly as we value ourselves. This moves us away from selfishness and towards being openhearted followers of Christ who care deeply for others.


Never Alone

Written By:  Brian Keel

I was reading a devotional by Alistair Begg this morning, and what I read resonated pretty deeply in my heart.

The holiday season is an extremely lonely time for many people. It may be their first Christmas without a loved one. It may be a yearly reminder of those we have held so close to our hearts. Depression sets in and


If God ‘gave’ you peace, would you accept it?

Written by:  Shara Gunther
Living in this world, we can be guaranteed some sort of pain or stress in life. For some of us, it seems like we live life skating from one pain to the next, effortlessly.
From an early age, ‘loss and struggle’ became the definition of what life meant to me. My emotional restlessness showed up as over-cleaning and over-organizing. I even started a