Guest Corner

Take up your Cross, Die to Self and Follow Jesus

Written by:  Amy Lynn
To die to self is to set aside what we want, and focus instead on loving God, doing His will, and valuing others as highly as we value ourselves. This moves us away from selfishness and towards being openhearted followers of Christ who care deeply for others.


Never Alone

Written By:  Brian Keel

I was reading a devotional by Alistair Begg this morning, and what I read resonated pretty deeply in my heart.

The holiday season is an extremely lonely time for many people. It may be their first Christmas without a loved one. It may be a yearly reminder of those we have held so close to our hearts. Depression sets in and


If God ‘gave’ you peace, would you accept it?

Written by:  Shara Gunther
Living in this world, we can be guaranteed some sort of pain or stress in life. For some of us, it seems like we live life skating from one pain to the next, effortlessly.
From an early age, ‘loss and struggle’ became the definition of what life meant to me. My emotional restlessness showed up as over-cleaning and over-organizing. I even started a


New Day

Written by:  Kendra Woody
What is it about the early morning and the freshness of a new day that is so remarkable? Is it the settling of the dew droplets that glisten and dance in the gentle breeze? Is it the smell of the earth awakening in all its splendor? Is it the artistry in the sky as the sun starts to make its way over the horizon? It could be all those things and more.
What about God’s love and mercy? Could it have something to do with that, too?


“I Can Start Soon…”

Written by:  Ms. Amy
What are you praying for?  Are you talking to your Heavenly Father (DAD)?  As some of you may know I’m self-employed as a court reporter. We record and also type court proceedings and transcriptions of various things.  Our training is intense over a couple of months. 
My niece had been working for me for a few months and is exceptionally talented and has a good work ethic. She has 5 kids under 11. Last month she became


I Cried Today

By: Brian Keel
I cried today.
The tears streamed down my face as I bowed my head to pray.
I wanted so badly to scream to the Lord, but my words could never get across what I earnestly wanted to say.
So, I never uttered a word. I never tried to speak.
I just sat there holding my head and continued to weep.



By: Brian Keel
I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve had the stack of bills sitting on the kitchen counter or the dining room table. I’ve had the never-ending stream of incoming phone calls from debt collectors. I’ve seen my car leaving the driveway on the flatbed of an asset recovery truck. I’ve even lost a home. Everything is closing in and life is


He’s Got Your Whole World in His Hands

By: Ms. Amy
So, I’m sitting here today flooded in self-pity. I can’t do what I want, I can’t see who I want. I miss the hugs of my little nieces and nephews so much it hurts. I get teary-eyed just thinking about their birthday parties we’re missing, their antics, their laughing, the potlucks together. My work at the office is almost wrapped up, so what will we do then? Can I get an AMEN here? Anybody have one or two of these feelings? Yet I don’t have the extra struggles many of you face: I don’t have little people at home trying to do schoolwork, to keep entertained, fed, cleaned,


Upon This Rock

By: Brian Keel
Ask any carpenter, home builder, or architect and they will tell you that the most important part of any major construction is the cornerstone. According to Webster’s, a cornerstone is defined as: 1) A person or thing of prime importance; 2) something or someone that is indispensable or essential; 3) The chief


Invite God In

By: Mandi Greene
One of the most beautiful things about my little monster toddler’s snuggles is that they are so rare. Every night when I go in to put him to bed, there is a magical pocket of time after we’ve read a book and turned the lamp off where he snuggles up in my arms and lays there quietly with his head against my shoulder and listens to me pray.

Praying has never been (and is not) something that comes easily to me in my spiritual
walk, but giving birth to my son surely kick-started a real, living and breathing dialogue with my